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    Team Organization

    Any organization that wants to prosper through innovation faces 4 major challenges : Newness; it is the answer to: How creativity was applied within your innovation? That’s to say, create new something (or new way to do that something) that has never been made and used before. To do this, you have to get the talent to design products/ services unconventionally or to combine what already exists and put it in a new context for a new use case. Differentiation; when you are able to bring something totally different from what exists. A product or a service which can be seen as weird, but clients love it and use it.…

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    Team Values

    The set of values within a team builds the corporation culture; this is what we understand of the Schein’s definition (1985) – “Culture is a common set of rules, values and beliefs” [Ref 1]. It is important to have a set of common values within the team, especially for corporations that consist of small teams practicing innovation activities, such as Start-Ups. Values make the team strong and cohesive facing the entrepreneurship barriers. By studying the effect of human factors, such as values, on the organization, the researchers Mario Javier Donate and Fatima Guadamillas quote in their paper [Ref 1] the definition of Gold et al (2001) – “Organizations that have values…

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    Conflict Management

    onflicts within a team are like salt in food. They are an essential component of the innovation recipe. A skilled cook is the one who knows what amount of salt is necessary in every recipe. Similarly, in the team management conflicts are very necessary, it opens the way for the emergence of new ideas. A good team leader should know how to manage these conflicts, more it would be better if he finds a way to push the team players into a constructive conflict. Conflict occurs when completely rigid attitudes are found in the same situation. Social psychology [Ref] defines an attitude as a mental state that has a dynamic influence…

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    Team Management

    eam Management; is about communication, dialogue of visions, bringing some light to the dark points living inside our minds. A Team Manager is the most sociable man or woman within a team who is able to manage conflicts, relationships and team’s issues. This is what we usually read in business reviews and we much often hear and see from management consultants when speaking of the prestigious role of Team Manager. It is pretty cool what we learn from the others’ telling. However, between learning and practice there is a whole life full of experience and observations. As I used to say to myself and to my surrounding: “ the someone…

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    ocial science, is the area where we can seek a holistic explanation for Self-Confidence. According to the psychiatrist – and author of the book “Dare: Therapy of Self-Confidence” – Frédéric Fanget  [Ref 1], self-confidence is much more than a mere cog in our mental functioning: it is the heart of a pyramid which rests, at the base, on the self-esteem gained from a very young age, and it is externalized, at the top, by self-assertion. It is therefore a fundamental part of our personality. If it runs out, then comes pain. This makes self-confidence appear as a result within this psychological equation ; Self-Confidence = Self-esteem + Self-assertion. The psychiatrist continues…

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    eadership, as defined by Daniel Goleman [Ref 1] [Daniel Jay Goleman is an author, psychologist, and science journalist. He is the author of more than 10 books on psychology, education, science, ecological crisis, and leadership], is a set of competencies that emerge over the course of life. During a recent interview on this subject  [Ref 2], Goleman clearly explained that great team leaders in companies are often leaders by nature. Leadership goes back to their childhood. Over time it grows and the ability to lead is shaped by the practice. He precisely noticed that leadership is not a subject to learn from scratch in classes of business schools. Leaders learn it in…