Team Management

Team Management; is about communication, dialogue of visions, bringing some light to the dark points living inside our minds. A Team Manager is the most sociable man or woman within a team who is able to manage conflicts, relationships and team’s issues. This is what we usually read in business reviews and we much often hear and see from management consultants when speaking of the prestigious role of Team Manager.

It is pretty cool what we learn from the others’ telling. However, between learning and practice there is a whole life full of experience and observations. As I used to say to myself and to my surrounding: “ the someone else’s life can never be my life ” and “ the fittest definition I can get is my definition ”. That is to say, lessons we have learnt through our personal experience are more influential in our understanding of things and more deterministic for our future.

The life of an entrepreneur, regardless of age, is full of lessons and wisdom.

One day, I was put in a situation that taught me a lot and changed totally my vision on the role of team manager:

I remember when I was taking the role of a team manager within a team of young IT entrepreneurs, I – who is supposed to be the first responsible of simplifying tasks and communicating the strategic vision – felt stuck into some technical details of our project. One of our team members, precisely the IT developer, asked me to make my observations clearer.

He was not very convinced by my technical comments. I was losing my prestigious role. I was no longer the master of the topic. I began to doubt my ways of managing the team. Then, I took a step back, I stopped the discussion for a while. I tried to read the situation. I realized that the way I manage the team, individually, does not work and I need to get much closer to their visions.

When we resumed our discussion, I asked each of the team members to give his own vision of our project. Together, we started analyzing and understanding the pros and the cons of these points of views. Then, we selected the most workable strategy for our next step.

After we ended the meeting, I felt very comfortable with the new way we used in managing the team. I yielded my place as team manager to all my team members. I was not solely responsible for our future.

That day, we won a good cultural asset that has made our team management a common role, a responsibility shared by all members not only by who is used to be the team manager.

“ Let Your Team Help You Manage the Team ” has became our motivational motto.

Since that time I have started delegating team management tasks to my team members, and I focused on the collective added-value of the team rather than my unique added-value to our project.

Team management may not need that very sociable person to lead, influence and align other members on the objectives of the project. 

If everyone takes a share of the responsibility in managing his team, the result will be more convincing and solid because it is based on an inclusive vision. Each team player should be able to be that team manager.

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